PDF Power

Import files from Keynote, Safari, Mail or any program that handles PDFs.

In Keynote select ‘Open in Another App’ and choose Doodlecast Pro.

In Safari load the PDF and tap the ‘Open in...’ button.

And in Mail just tap and hold the attachment.

Getting Started

Doodlecast Pro is perfect for sharing an idea, teaching a lesson, or expressing your creativity.

Press record to get started. Pause and resume your recording at any time.

The menu bars fade away as you work letting you focus.

Save Me

Doodlecasts are saved automatically. Move between projects, pick up where you left off and export when it's convenient for you.

Use the flub button to trim off mistakes. No need to edit out those expletives later on.


Draw as you talk. Everything is recorded as you create.

easily draw, tint, point, and erase with multiple undo states.

Explore the many tool settings including colours, styles, and opacity.


Use the built-in background images for charts, diagrams, sports, music, and more. Change the background instantly anytime.

Add your own custom photos or illustrations. You can easily resize, rotate, and position imported images.


Quickly create scenes with unique drawing, photo, and background layers within your Doodlecast.

Structure and plan your Doodlecast before recording or create new pages on the fly while you create.

Switch between pages at anytime.


Preview your Doodlecast at any time.

Save your Doodlecast to the photo library or share them using email, YouTube, and Dropbox.

See what other people are making with Doodlecast Pro.

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