Are there Doodlecast Pro video tutorials?

There sure are… Check out this playlist.

How do I export videos to use on my computer?

The easiest way to move videos from Doodlecast Pro to your computer is to save them to your Photo Album (tap Share and then Photos), connect your iPad with your USB cable and then import them using iPhoto or your favourite photo management software.

How do I import PDF files to Doodlecast Pro?

Open the PDF in your browser. An overlay bar will appear at the top of the screen with the option to ‘Open in Doodlecast Pro’. You will then be given the choice to import the PDF as either a series of pages in a new Doodlecast Pro project, or to save the PDF as a series of photos in your Photo Album.

If you are creating your own PDFs in Keynote or Pages, tap ‘Tools’, ‘Share and Print’ then ‘Open in Another App’. Choose PDF as your export format and when prompted choose to ‘Open in Doodlecast Pro’. This will present you with the same two import options – pages inside a new Doodlecast Pro project or images saved to your Photo Album.

Can I type text in Doodlecast Pro?

Doodlecast Pro does not have a type tool. The easiest way to bring in typed information is to create it in software like Keynote and import as a PDF into Doodlecast Pro.

How do I prepare images to use as backgrounds to use in Doodlecast Pro?

Doodlecast Pro can use images from your Photo album as backgrounds. You can take photos with the camera on your iPad or take a screenshot (by pressing sleep and home at the same time).

You can also grab images from the internet. Just browse to an image in Safari, tap and hold the photo and then tap ‘Save’. To fill the screen images should be 1024x768. There are a number of free and cheap apps available for cropping photos.

What resolutions are the videos saved at?

Videos can be exported at three sizes.

How large are Doodlecast Pro videos?

The file size is dependant on the dimensions and length of your video.

How long can Doodlecast Pro videos be?

We have made videos as long as 60 minutes. However, we recommend keeping your videos to under 15 minutes to keep them manageable. Keep in mind that YouTube generally limits videos to 15 minutes and long videos will take a long time to export and send.

Are discounts available for educators?

Yes. Educational institutions are eligible for discounts through Apple's Volume Purchase Program. This program gives a 50% discount when purchasing 20 or more copies of an app.

Why can't I email large videos in the Photos app?

You‘ll have to ask Apple. The Photos app limits videos as attachments to roughly 55s in length. There is no such limit if you email the videos from directly within Doodlecast Pro. If your video is already in the Photo Album the work around is to copy and paste it into an email message. We don‘t recommend emailing videos that are larger than about 10MB (or roughly 4 minutes in length at Medium quality).

YouTube sucks. How do I post my video to Vimeo or another site?

Most video sharing sites, including Vimeo, have their own free apps that make it easy to upload videos from your iPad.

Doodlecast Pro crashed. Help!

Doodlecast Pro is a memory-intensive app. We have tested the app extensively on all generations of iPad and iPad Mini running iOS version 4.3 and above. But if you run into crashes we would like to know. Please use our contact form and send us the following details: version of iPad you are running, version of iOS is installed, the last action you took before experiencing a crash, whether you still get crashes after restarting the device. Crashes make us sad, then angry, then sad and then we push out an update.

I uploaded my Doodlecast to Dropbox but I don't see it!

We like to be tidy. Look for a folder called 'DoodlecastPro' inside an 'Apps' folder in your Dropbox account. Your videos are stored there and named according to the time and date they were created.

Can I use Doodlecast Pro videos in iBooks Author?

Yes, but videos made with Doodlecast Pro must first be converted to .m4v format.

To convert a video file:

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